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2015 Norco Fluid 9.2


2015 Norco Sight C7.2

IMG_6268IMG_6270IMG_6271This is one staunch looking bike, It looks like a muscly kangaroo, Tough but agile. After a few delays with shipping we couldn’t have been more excited to pull this one out of the box and assemble it. Now for the test ride…………..

2015 Transition TR500 Built for speed

IMG_6249IMG_6252IMG_6251The Transition TR500 was built for speed, it even looks fast standing still. Local Bobs Bikes rider Ben Halsall will be jumping on board this stead for the up coming 2015 season and will be traveling to Bright, Victoria for the National Downhill championships in March. Go get em!

2015 Fox Ranger shorts in stock now

IMG_6248The 2015 Fox Ranger shorts are now in stock. Excellent quality and feel with a removable chamois liner at a great price $109.95

Cult goodies- Cult/Vans collab waffle grips


First Bikes have Arrived!

IMG_6174New shipment of First Bikes have arrived! We have worked out better pricing to make this awesome product more affordable. Still the same great quality product in 5 great colours. Come check them out