How to build community BMX trails - Sanford Road Park, Albany WA

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How to build community BMX trails - Sanford Road Park, Albany WA

The process started over 8 years ago.

We had had a BMX Club in Albany which had prospered in the 80’s an 90’s but by the time freestyle BMX had started to become popular in the early 2000’s the club suffered. Mountain Biking had also become quite popular, and the Albany MTB Club has grown from strength to strength. The old BMX site was condemned because of structural issues and neglect. We had heard that the site was going to be cleared. Bob and the Albany MTB club banded together to rally for a pumptrack and dirt jumps (Dirt Jumps had been in the plan to build next to the skatepark which was constructed over 12 years ago, this never eventuated). We hoped the site could still be used for bike riding and be a home base for the Albany MTB Club. We have always longed for a good spot to build trails (“trails” term means: a rider built dirt jump spot, mostly illegally built in the bush or woods)  all our spots have been in sand and never lasted or have been destroyed.

Where do you build a bike track?

These days it’s hard to find vacant bush blocks to build jumps on like we used to as kids. The world has changed a little, kids don’t build their own fun anymore, they rock up to the skatepark or racetrack and all the work is done, they can’t appreciate the hard work and discipline that goes into it. I think that is a skill that will be sorely lost in the community. I had always thought that it would be great to include everyone in the build process of dirt jumps, you teach people how to build what they want to ride, it becomes creative, and you build a crew to maintain the jumps as well. You end up with an awesome spot to ride. Win Win.

OK... So you have a space, How do you fund the build?

The city of Albany agreed to undertake this project with the guidance of the Albany MTB Club and Bob. Funding came from the City of Albany, Albany MTB Club, the State Government and Lotterywest. Common Ground trails were employed to build the Pump Track and a section of the jump park.

Shovels up, let's dig...

The Jump Lines have been divided into lines that support the progression of riders from entry level jumpers to advanced. The advanced line is aimed at BMX and Dirt Jump bikes. This is the line that Bob, the Albany MTB Club and the community of builders will undertake. Its a huge ongoing effort. But the joy of building your own spot will hopefully inspire generations of riders

With huge interest in the Jump Park, Bob and the Albany MTB Club have started building the Jump Lines and have already held multiple dig sessions. We’ve been combatting one of the wettest winters in recent history but hope to get the lines more established as the weather dries out a little.

Now, we ride it!

Anyone keen to build must do so in conjunction with the Albany MTB club. Please contact Bob at Bob’s Bikes, the Albany MTB club or @sanfordroadpark to get involved.