Southern Peaks JUMP FEST 2019

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Southern Peaks JUMP FEST 2019

Here at Bob’s, we’re passionate about riding and making riding fun for everyone. We love seeing local events run by local people and we’re proud to be a major part of the annual Southern Peaks Jump Comp Event.

The annual Jump Fest events are designed to celebrate local riders, introduce the broader community to the riding scene and to boost exposure for BMX and Mountain Biking as a popular activity in Albany and WA.

For the 2019 event we upped the ante big time!

We invited world-famous, Nitro Circus superstar Todd Meyn, WA local legends Shane Ellis and David Pinelli as well as a swagger of WA shredders.

We had an all-new and improved location and set up on Stirling Terrace where the atmosphere was truly electric.

The excited energy from the crowd pumped our riders up and helped them produce some of the best examples of riding throughout the event.

Todd Meyn put on a wild show of aerial acrobatics followed by Shane Ellis who’s enormous height gains off the jumps put Neil Armstrong to shame. WA legend David Pinelli wowed the crowd with his smooth style and precision and took out First place for his efforts.

As always at these events the opportunity to see some young-guns enter the scene. noteworthy efforts came from youngsters Tyler Gayski and Taj Hamilton who will no doubt be growing into bigger pedals soon.

Tyler took out third place while Shane Ellis scooped second.

It wasn’t all about the high flyers though… We like to support riders of all talents and get the community involved. Our lucky giveaway competition this year saw a lucky spectator back a new set of wheels from NORCO. We ran a hashtag competition announcing the winner at random on the night. Congrats to Mitchell, we can’t wait to see you cruising around Albany on your new set of wheels!


The 2019 Jump Fest event truly brought our community together, inspired local riders and created a buzz of excitement.

We would like to thank our course builders MCB Construction, Southern Peaks volunteers, The City of Albany, Allsoils Landscape Supplies, Coastal Cranes, Norco Bikes and Todd Meyn for his work supporting and bringing global attention to Albany riders, the Southern Peaks Jump Comp event and our amazing town.

I would also like to thank all the riders that make the effort to come to Albany; we’ve made a heap of new mates and had an awesome time, and that’s what it’s all about.

See you next year?