Ride Mechanic Bike Juice Degreaser 750ml

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RIDE MECHANIC BIKE JUICE is a degreaser concentrate when applied directly to contaminated surface, scrubbed and then rinsed off. If diluted it functions as a precision cleaner. One product, two options.

BIKE JUICE is an Australian made cleaning product to help mechanics and riders to clean up heavily contaminated bikes quickly and easily. When used as direct spray it is specifically designed to cut through grease, oil, and heavy ride grime on all bike parts in particular the drivetrain. Regularly used in busy professional workshops for efficient and thorough cleaning. Diluted to precision cleaner for more frequent and general use on dusty bike surfaces.

Safe to use for cleaning most metal, plastic, carbon fibre, paint and rubber. Ride Mechanic recommend testing surfaces to be cleaned first in case there is incompatibility.

The advanced powerful cleaning formulation uses two high performance surfactants and a proven grease cutter to dissolve and lift residue away from the surface quickly during the rinse stage. This means fast and effective cleaning and no residue.

BIKE JUICE is made of low-toxicity ingredients and the convenient spray applicator means efficient penetration, coverage and a safer working environment. The components in BIKEJUICE are biodegradable and not poisonous which means that BIKE JUICE does not accumulate in the environment and rinse water can be handled by standard wastewater treatment facilities. When using Bike Juice always wear personal protective equipment and avoid contact with eyes.


Ensure surface to be cleaned is compatible with BIKE JUICE by first treating a small area and checking for discolouration or changes.  

DEGREASER: Evenly spray and coat heavily soiled and greasy bike bits with BIKE JUICE and allow to stand for a couple of minutes to penetrate, lift and clean all grime. Some textured surfaces with engrained dirt may require brushing to assist cleaning. 

PRECISION CLEANER:In suitable container dilute 1 part BIKE JUICE with 9 parts water then foam up to form suds. Use sponge to wipe surfaces and clean. A standard bike will require about 250ml of this precision cleaner (25ml of BIKE JUICE and 225ml water). Gloves are recommended when using cleaning agents.

Then it is very important to thoroughly rinse all BIKE JUICE off all surfaces with strong jet of clean water. Dry bike with soft cloth.Best results are obtained if wet surfaces and components (in particular the chain and brakes) are dewatered with Ride Mechanic AVAQUA then blown with compressed air. Apply a protective treatment of Ride Mechanic ZALISH to enhance shine and assist with future cleaning.